Thursday, March 22, 2012

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Thu 03.22.2012
"Hunger Games" Star Jennifer Lawrence: "I Want To Direct Comedies"
Jennifer Lawrence, who stars in the upcoming blockbuster "The Hunger Games," reveals her goal to someday direct

Kimmel Conjures Up Another Santorum
Rick Santorum's campaign pledge, according to his fake brother: "Get the big government off our backs and into our bedrooms."

Gallagher Released From Texas Hospital
Gallagher has been released from a Texas hospital but will stay in the Dallas area for a while to recuperate.

Hugh Hefner's Son Pleads No Contest
Hugh Hefner's son pleaded no contest in a Pasadena court Wednesday in a domestic violence case involving his "Playmate of the...

The "Bully" Games
The MPAA's R rating for a documentary about a real-life fight for kids' lives makes us hunger for some common sense.

A "Hunger Games" Primer for Grown-Ups and Other Non-Obsessives
A "Hunger Games" guide for the uninformed, the doubters and the haters.

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