Monday, March 26, 2012

NBC New York 7am News Update

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NBC New York
Mon 03.26.2012
Hoodies Worn at NYC Church for Trayvon Martin
The clergy, choir and congregation at a New York City church are planning to wear hooded sweatshirts at service on Sunday morning in memory of...

Officer Shoots Armed Suspect: NYPD
A 23-year-old man shot and wounded by police after he allegedly fired a handgun at two officers in Harlem has been charged.Photo Credit: NBC New York

Liu Acknowledges Mayoral Long Shot
City Comptroller John Liu knows that plenty of people are predicting his political breakdown, saying that with his campaign finances under...

Man Admits Dumping Body on LI: Police
Police say a man has admitted leaving his girlfriend's body in a Long Island woodland after she died of a drug overdose.Photo Credit: NBC New York

Facebook Chat Led to NJ Burglary: Police
Police in New Jersey arrested a brother and sister after the two conspired to rob a family friend through Facebook, they say.

Baby Boy Abandoned in Apartment Building Foyer
Police are trying to identify a baby found in a Brooklyn apartment building foyer Saturday afternoon.Photo Credit: NYPD

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Sports Event Accidentally Plays Fake "Borat" Kazakh Anthem
It's A "Mad Men" World
Kim Kardashian May File Charges Against Flour Bomber



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