Thursday, May 31, 2012

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Thu 05.31.2012
'Snow White & the Huntsman' Director Rupert Sanders on Making Grimms' Grim Again
Things are about to get Grimm again for Snow White, thanks to director Rupert Sanders.

Amy Winehouse's Home Hits the Market for $4.2 Million
The family of Amy Winehouse has put the late singer's London home up for sale for 2.7 million pounds, or $4.2 million.Photo Credit: Getty Images

Jon Stewart: Donald Trump a Gift from the Comedy Gods
"Thank you, Gilda Radner, George Carlin, and Richard Pryor."Photo Credit: AP

M.J. Insomnia Letter to Lisa Marie Pulled from Auction
A letter Michael Jackson penned to Lisa Marie Presley, complaining about insomnia, has been pulled from an auction at Presley's request.Photo...

David Hasselhoff Adds Bite to "Piranha 3DD"
The Hoff is back, to hassle "Piranha 3DD."Photo Credit: Getty Images

Justin Bieber 2.0: How the Boy Sensation Can Become a Man
Justin Bieber has a step-by-step plan to evolve from teenybopper to serious star.Photo Credit: WireImage

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Stumped Homeowners Accuse "Cleaning Fairy" of Breaking and Tidying
Diners Caught Bailing on Bill After Locking Keys in Getaway Car
Teens Tried to Trade Sex for McDonald's Meal: Cops



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