Thursday, August 23, 2012

NBC 4 New York 7am News Update

NBC New York
Thu 08.23.2012
PA Knew of Missing Jet-Skier Before Breach
The lost jet-skier who was able to breach security at Kennedy Airport by scaling an 8-foot barbed wire fence and walking across two runways to...

Obama Mocks Akin, Shoots Hoops in NY
While in New York for a series of fundraisers, President Barack Obama mocked Senate candidate and current

First Lady Keeps Women's Health in Spotlight
Though Michelle Obama never mentioned the word "abortion" — a topic that has stalked the GOP during the past week and threatens to slow the...

LI Woman Sick With West Nile Amid Nat'l Outbreak
An elderly woman on Long Island became Nassau County's first confirmed case of West Nile virus in a human this year, as the nation battles what has bee...

Agency Scrutinized After Mom Decapitates Tot
New Jersey's child-welfare agency, long under federal oversight for high-profile lapses, said it will review its role in the case of a mother...

FBI Agent on Infamous "Dog Day" Robbery
Forty years ago today, a bank robbery in Brooklyn -- just one of several hundred bank robberies in New York City that year -- turned into a...

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Judge Rules on Jackson Guardianship
TV Closing Time
Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Scar-Turn in "Premium Rush"



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