Saturday, February 11, 2012

Adele 2012

In the past two years, Adele has refined and reinvented her unique sound that always puts her aching yet powerful vocals and lyrics at the forefront. These are songs that could have been released in the 60s as easily as 30 years from now. Adele has injected her trademark piano ballads with the best from several different musical genres including Americana roots and country, r&b, blues and gospel. The music is exciting and simply is. It lives, breathes.
There are a few tracks towards the middle that are remarkable only because Adele sings them-- and while they aren't quite filler, they aren't as memorable as standout tracks like "Rolling in the Deep," "Set Fire to the Rain," "Someone Like You," and "Turning Tables." Adele set the bar so high with these songs that anything else short of magic, is sort of a letdown. However, as a whole--this album so involves you that you can feel these stories as your own.
I played a couple songs for my mom, who at forty years older than I, generally criticizes my music taste, and the first thing she said was "Wow, this girl really knows how to write a story--those songs are beautiful."
21 is haunting, pulsing, soaring and very intimate. It's music that will be remembered.

Madonna music 2012
When comes to Madonna music I am very big on retaining and preserving the original "memory" or moment of a song. I remember being first introduced to the Express Yourself video and the fantastic Shep mix that was used. I was completely mesmerized. I remember buying cassette tape of Like A Prayer and being dissappointed that the album version was totally different. That moment was when my passion for cd maxi singles and dj singles was born. All in an effort to recapture an original moment. So, when record companies are putting together collections like this I really do not believe they have the fans' interest at heart. They're just concerned with how much they can cram onto one disc by completely defiling the true nature and form of a particular song (kind of like the HORRIBLE video compression on the Celebration DVD collection).

This CD is great to just pop in and listen to around the house but if you're a die hard fan or on the more serious side and love to immerse yourself in Madonna music, stick to making your own mp3 collections and pass on this.