Monday, December 19, 2011

New Resolutions 2012

Wishing you a very Happy New Year 2012. You must be thinking that it’s a new year wishing article then what would be new in this post. So, let me tell you that I posted this article to share my journey of resolutions in 2011. I will be very happy if it helps any of my friends in achieving their New Year resolutions.
Every year I make resolutions such as getting up early in morning, reading books, studying well, healthy diet, regular exercise, getting good job, achieving something special and so on. Like everyone else, I always want to do everything but as time pass on, my resolutions also fly on. And I never succeed in completing all resolutions at the end of the year.
In 2011, I would say I completed almost every resolution what I made at the starting of the year. And I feel proud of myself that I achieved that much in my life for the first time. I did what I really like to do such as:
Reading books.
Learn to live Life, not just rushing into it.
Hanging out with friends.
Learn to be positive in any of the situation.
Watching animated movies.
Visiting favorite places.
Getting good job in a good company at a good location.
Being the master of my life, not a slave.
“Work all the time you work and enjoy all the time you enjoy”
I really did not try hard to accomplish all these things. I just did what everyone can do easily. I read some self help books such as One Minute Manager, The Monk who sold his Ferrari, Who moved my Cheese, Change your Thinking change your Life, Eat that Frog. I just followed some simple steps:
Make a Dream Diary.
Think on paper: I write on paper all the things I really want to do.
Make a Plan: I made a master plan for every task for one-year. Then I made sub-plans for one-month, one-week and one-day.
Cut into pieces: I cut every big task into small enough sub-tasks.
Set priorities: I set priorities for everything and focus on High priority tasks first.
Set timelines: I set a timeline for everything to be finished.New Resolutions 2012
New Resolutions 2012
New Resolutions 2012
New Resolutions 2012

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