Friday, June 29, 2012

Top 3 posts for you on Google+ this week

Hi ahmed!
Here are the top 3 posts for you on Google+ this week.
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I'm hoping to do a documentary on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  I don't know if you know this but there's a mysterious story that needs to be told about TNG and I would like to be the one to tell it.  MBB
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Who would like to try this adventure and stay on the edge of this mountain like this man? :)) What an amazing  !!

+I Can't Believe It 

Hanging Rock, near Blackheath, Blue Mountains, NSW Australia
( via- tumblr )
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                Where Two Oceans Meet

These two bodies of water were merging in the middle of The Gulf of Alaska and there was a foam developing only at their junction. It is a result of the melting glaciers being composed of fresh water and the ocean has a higher percentage of salt causing the two bodies of water to have different densities and therefore makes it more difficult to mix.
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