Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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Wed 09.26.2012
Singer Andy Williams Dead at 84
"Moon River" crooner had been battling bladder cancer.Photo Credit: Getty Images

"Modern Family": The Old Normal
The Emmy favorite returns Wednesday to an increasingly crowded domestic comedy field it helped create.Photo Credit: ABC

J.K Rowling Offers Up Sex, Drugs in Post-"Potter" Novel
"The Casual Vacancy" looks to adult readers with heady doses of modern day life that would make Harry Potter blush.Photo Credit:...

"Louie" Laughs Last
With third season headed to a close, the comic pleases his most importance audience: himself.

Sean Paul's New Album "Tomahawk Technique"
Sean Paul explains why he named his newly released album, "Tomahawk Technique." Also, he discusses his new song, "Hold On," which was inspired by fello...

Darby Stanchfield: "Scandal" Season 2
Darby Stanchfield chats on the set of ABC's "Scandal," guessing how fans will react to Season 2 of the show and what they will learn about...

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