Friday, November 30, 2012

NBC 4 New York 7am News Update

Fri 11.30.2012
News Headlines
SI Town Hall Meeting for Sandy Victims Erupts...
SI Town Hall Meeting for Sandy Victims Erupts...
A town hall-style meeting on Staten Island intended to answer people's questions one month...
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DSK and Hotel Maid Expected to Settle Lawsuits: Source
All civil litigation between Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the hotel maid who claimed that...
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Pressuring GOP, Obama Takes Fiscal Plan to Pa.
President Barack Obama is taking his case on the looming "fiscal cliff" austerity crisis to the...
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Battleship Shell Found Off Jersey Shore
A 4-foot-long practice round for a 14-inch naval gun was found off Sandy Hook, N.J., this week as par...
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NJ Police Seek Suspect in 200 Burglaries
Police in four New Jersey counties are searching for a man who they say has committed 200 burglaries...
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Girl Starts Campaign for Gender-Neutral Easy Bake Oven
In an effort to get Hasbro -- the maker of the Easy Bake Oven -- to create an oven for boys as...
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Property Tax Help Proposed for Sandy Victims
New Yorkers whose homes were severely damaged by Sandy would get an extension on their next property...
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