Friday, January 11, 2013

Top 3 posts for you on Google+ this week

Hi ahmed!
Here are the top 3 posts for you on Google+ this week.
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We all want to live in paradise
This is how I want it to look like
May your life be as peaceful
happy and joyful as this place

Dedicated to all the people recently added to my circles! If you enjoy my post please add me back. Also dedicated to my best friends according to by +Jari Huomo 
+Simona AN
+James Clair Lewis
+Ana Lacanski
+Syuzanna Avetisyan
+Francisco Silva
+Francesca Crivelli
+Anna Rimovska
+Florette Voets
+Marie Panáčková...
...and 10 more photos.
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Thank you to our unbelievable fans! YOU helped +The Hunger Games win SIX People's Choice Awards, including Favorite Movie!
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