Monday, February 4, 2013

What it really takes to make a flexible phone

What it takes to make a flexible phone

A bendable screen is nice in the lab, but it will take more than flexi-glass to get your phone to touch its toes.
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12 new gadgets we recommend now

A fresh BlackBerry delights our phone reviewers, a two-faced laptop is odd but awesome, and we fall for a few new music-streaming options.
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Great HTC phone that almost no one will buy

The HTC One SV's sleek design and fast processor are impressive, but not its call quality or the pictures it takes.
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How trapped are your digital movies and TV shows?

If you buy all your media on one platform -- say, iOS -- and then switch to Android, or buy a Roku, what happens?
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Six Android apps you need now

Pick up a new Android device recently? If so, you'll probably want to break it in with a few killer apps. Here are six hot picks available from Google Play now.
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A short history of BlackBerry devices

As BlackBerry introduces its new operating system and phones, CNET looks back at the company's most notable handsets.

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