Monday, March 26, 2012

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Mon 03.26.2012
"The Hunger Games" Stars Analyze the Blockbuster Phenomenon
'The Hunger Games' cast and crew give PopcornBiz their take on the phenomenal appeal of author Suzanne Collin's creation.Photo Credit: AP

Comedian Gallagher Has Another Heart Attack
Just after he got out of the hospital for a heart attack, the comedian Gallagher is back in another hospital with another one.

Bella Goes Deer Hunting in New "Breaking Dawn" Teaser
In which Bella has red eyes, cool skin and a thirst for deer

E-Readers Boost Sales of Women's Erotica
There's a sexy side affect to the popularity of e-reading devices.The sale of women's erotica is getting a boost.Women who are too shy to buy sex fille...

Chleo Grace Moretz and Haley Bennett Finalists for "Carrie" Remake
"Carrie," the great Stephen King's first novel, spawned a classic horror film with two Oscar-nominated performances, which is now the midst o...

Jimmy Kimmel to Host Primetime Emmys
Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel just got a prime-time gig: Host of the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards.Photo Credit: Getty Images

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Keys Battle Cat-Sized Rats' Invasion
Researchers Study Whether Redheads Feel More Pain
Sports Event Accidentally Plays Fake "Borat" Kazakh Anthem



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