Monday, November 5, 2012

ELECTION UPDATE: Obama, Romney Fight For Final Votes

Decision 2012
Obama, Romney Pursue Last Votes in Deadlocked Race
Obama, Romney Pursue Last Votes in Deadlocked Race
President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney are barnstorming across...
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Despite Storm Damage, Election Officials Hopeful
Power generators are being marshaled, polling locations moved and voting machines hurriedly put into...
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Campaign's Top Moments
After many months, countless attack ads and nearly $2 billion raised and spent, the...
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Video   The Politics of Social Media
During this election season, 20% of all Facebook users are dumping friends because of...
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Turnout, Race Breakdown Could Decide Election
Voter turnout and the racial demographics of the Americans who vote could determine who wins the...
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Video   Young Americans Say It's Time For Online Voting
The call for digital democracy is on the rise, and many believe the time for online voting...
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Fla. Remains Tough Sell to End for Obama, Romney
Florida has been a tough sell for President Barack Obama but his campaign's well organized...
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