Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday at 10/9c: The Usual Suspect

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March 01, 2013

Tina Caronna and her husband, Joe, enjoyed the good life – friends, fancy cars and cruises. The couple belonged to the Memphis Corvette club.
And when the well-liked Tina, 44, went missing in October 2008, her friends in the club began a frantic search.
When she was found dead two days later in the back of her SUV, the circle of suspects was limited and investigators had few clues to go on.
As usual, police looked to her husband as a possible suspect, though he had an alibi. The day Tina went missing, Joe was working on a car with one of the couple's best friends.
As Maureen Maher reports in "48 Hours: The Usual Suspect", investigators would discover that Joe Caronna was leading a double-life. There was financial fraud and a mistress – an affair that had been going on for almost a decade.
Asked by police to help, Joe Caronna's girlfriend was willing to wear a wire to record a conversation. But will it be enough to close the case in Tina Caronna's murder?
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