Saturday, March 2, 2013

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March 01, 2013
Sunday, March 3 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT

Suicide rates for U.S. Armed Forces and veterans have gotten so high, that more active duty military died last year from suicide than in combat. Our first segment clearly and sadly illustrates this alarming trend with the story of Clay Hunt. A Marine combat veteran who was wounded in battle and later diagnosed with PTSD and depression, he eventually became an advocate for others like him. But as Correspondent Byron Pitts reports, he lost his personal battle.Watch a preview
Up next meet one of the richest self-made billionaire women in the world. Zhang Xin is one of China's largest developers of office space, whose boldly designed skyscrapers are a signature of Beijing's skyline. Xin speaks to Correspondent Lesley Stahl about her business empire, China and its prospects for democracy.
Then Correspondent Stahl takes a look at the side effects of China's reliance on real estate as one of the biggest drivers of its economy: The biggest housing bubble in history. Created by China's rapid growth and the massive investment in real estate by its burgeoning middle class, this bubble may be about to burst. Stahl finds whole cities that residents have yet to occupy -- a situation some fear may lead to social upheaval if the market crashes, erasing the life savings of tens of millions.Watch a preview

Is China's real estate bubble about to burst? Real estate mogul Zhang Xin tells 60 Minutes that residential development in China has reached the end of the road

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